Turning Bodies into Bamboo

Napamaytanidol Chedis, Doi Inthanon

Napamaytanidol Chedi, Doi Inthanon

Here’s another little travel report for you!

I didn’t go back to studying thai massage with Pichet last week, because women are not allowed into his school/temple during their ‘moon cycle’. I didn’t mind, because that gave me some extra time to figure out if I really want to continue studying with him or not. I took the opportunity to study with another teacher instead, a clairvoyant/spiritual healer called Jasmine Vishnu. It turned out to be exactly what I needed. I got a clairvoyant reading and then did some energy work with her. Beyond words… life-changing. Very deep operations, as Sri Goenka would say… lt was hard work, but it brought me one significant step further towards… something. (Or maybe away for something?)

Peppermint café, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thanks to some very good advice and helpful ideas from my teachers Itzhak and Måns (thank you!!), I finally decided to give Pichet another try. However, I haven’t gone back to him yet. I “accidentally” found something else I wanted/needed to do first; some more energy work in the form of Tai Chi.

So, this week I’m in an intensive 8-day Tai Chi program, in Chiang Mai. So far it’s been amazing, so much more than I would have expected. We have been exploring the Tao, I Ching, developing our meditation practices, doing energy work and trying to turn our bodies into bamboo… :) It’s Tai Chi both as moving meditation, martial art and spiritual practice. Our teacher is American, but has lived in Thailand for about 14 years now. He’s absolutely fantastic, and I’m very very happy I found this place. He says he’s “just a coach, not a master”, but he is so much more than a coach… He sort of reminds me of Mr Big (from the tv-show Sex and the City), but with a pyjama shirt :) There are only four of us in the group, and the others are really cool people as well. I’m definitely going to continue practicing Tai Chi and go on exploring everything I’ve learned this week. If you ever come to Chiang Mai, go see this guy! His name is Keith Good, and I highly recommend his courses.

More info about Keith here: www.taichithailand.com

Tai Chi Theory

Naisuan House roof-top, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Keith Good, my amazing tai chi teacher

Keith Good, my amazing Tai Chi teacher ^

My original plan was to go back to Pichet starting on Monday. However, I don’t think that’s going to happen. Either I’ll have a week off, or I’ll go to Laos together with a girl from the Tai Chi course. It’s funny how I keep trying to make plans, but then I have another change of heart and go in a completely different direction… To stay present, being in the moment… that’s a very good lesson, and this is the perfect place to practice it.

Karen hill tribe village near Chiang Mai, Thailand

Doi Inthanon national park, Thailand

Drinking water, Doi Inthanon, Thailand

I’m going back to my room now, to do some more reading …after having some pad thai and a coconut shake… :)

All the best,
มะลิ | mali

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