This Week I Am…

Fisher Space Pen Bullet Fuchsia Flurry

Fisher Space Pen Bullet Fuchsia Flurry

This week I am…

golluming over my new pen, a Fisher Space Pen (it can write at any angle, even upside down = perfect for writing while lying down!);

drinking homemade carrot juice with chlorella, wheatgrass, lime and ginger;

reading and enjoying The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black;

watching the very last season of the absolutely brilliant tv-series White Collar (love Love LOVE! ) and crushing on Neal Caffrey (obvs!);

drawing polar bears;

wearing starry night sky-coloured nail polish, and rosewood mala bracelets;

feeling immensely grateful for the new sense of relief and freedom in my life, since the court ruled in my favour a couple of months back (HURRAH!!);

sewing saddle-stitched inserts out of black drawing paper (and bright cyan coloured thread!) for my Traveler’s Journal, to doodle in with gel pens.


What about you?

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