Tension Matlo!

Tension matlo
Photo by Meanest Indian

If you rely on outer circumstances to keep you happy, you are very easily put off balance, because those things are not real. Only That which does not change is True – only that can give you lasting peace of mind, freedom.

Fear is tension, resisting what is. So don’t hold tension. Don’t hold attachments, expectations, fear, doubt, judgements or regret. Just relax and allow yourself to sink into the center, to be filled with inner strength and peace. Then use the momentum of this release (of old habits, wrong ideas, unwholesome attitudes, expectations etc) to push through the changes and the hard times. Stay in the center and have trust. Don’t linger with what’s already gone.

Tension matlo yaar, just chill!


The Paradox of Surrender

…the mind’s stopping is absolutely good news. Deep inside you already know this, you just can’t quite believe it is true, because you don’t understand it. And you want to understand it, so that you will then have control over it. […] At a certain point you recognize that you don’t understand a thing, and you experience a moment of surrender. The paradox is that as soon as you surrender the need to understand, you do understand. And the moment you think you do understand, you don’t understand.

— The Diamond in Your Pocket, Gangaji