David Gray


Mystery of Love

Temptations endless whispers
Try to keep it in perspective
So much to distract
Walking on a wire
While your juggling desire
It’s all part of this balancing act

— David Gray, Mystery of Love


Let the Truth Sting

Blind circle, moon and sun
body willing, mind undone
one pain ending
while another begins

– David Gray, Let the truth sting


David Gray

David Gray’s lyrics touch my heart. Very much so.

turn out the light
and the dark sucks on the embers of the fire
that smoulders in the night
tumbling boulders of desire
rolling out the shadows of me
turn out the light

– The Light

the hail storm tumbles
the rail line rumbles
you lie on the floor with me
come closer my love
I’m badly in need
of an afternoon’s debauchery

– Debauchery

ice in the wind
but a fire in the embers
of my heart
as darkness falls
in a candlelit room

and the mystery of love
it just keeps growing
the more my heart reveals

– The Mystery of Love


Arms of Snow

sit in the morning sun
watching the shadow come
through the bright streets of london
i feel the rain
open my eyes as i wonder
at the spell that i’m under
since you came along

meet me with your arms of snow and
meet me with your mouth undone
i’m burning up from head to toe
magdalena, when you’re gone

– David Gray, Magdalena


New Horizons

Wonder in everything
No matter how great or small
Howling at the midnight
Howling at the midnight sun

And this ain’t no pale reflection
This is the real thing
New horizons, new horizon within

And your heart ain’t yours to control
No matter how tight the rein
Love will find its own direction

– David Gray, New Horizons