David Frawley


How Deep are Your Claw Marks?


How deep are your claw marks?

The only advice I can give is to dig in your claws as little as possible. Because you’re going to be dragged into the truth; the only question is how deep are the claw marks you leave in the ground as you get dragged :) And you will leave some claw marks because everybody leaves some claw marks; everybody holds on. Everybody holds on but the less you hold on, the easier and quicker it goes.

~ Adyashanti

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The Fulfullment of All Wishes

The key to the fulfillment of all wishes is not to pursue them externally but to look for their essence in that space within.

~ David Frawley


Core Values

Our core beliefs adhere in our core consciousness, coloring every mental activity. To really change our consciousness requires giving up these unquestioned beliefs by changing how we feel in our hearts.

— From Ayurveda and the Mind by David Frawley