Stripe Study Shawl Knitalong: Week 2

Stripe Study Shawl

This pattern is so lovely to knit, I’ve really been enjoying it :) And yes, it has definitely helped me get over my dislike towards garter stitch — yay!

I started on the border several days ago, and since then it seems like I’ve been knitting quicksand… the rows are infinitely long, and the progress so so slooow…

…but then, finally! 10 cm and a bind off row later… done! I purposely didn’t unfold the shawl in its entirety to have a proper look while I was binding off (my circular needle is only 80 cm, so the shawl has been scrunched up pretty much since the beginning of the project) because I thought that it might be fun to treat myself to a ‘big reveal moment’ at the end.

However, that moment turned out very anticlimactic… I’m so so disappointed :(

The shawl is much smaller than I expected. I measured it before binding off, but somehow the numbers (170 cm wide, 72 cm at the spine) gave me a very different idea than the actual size of it.

The colour changes aren’t at all as dramatic and interesting as a whole as I imagined they would be. Looking at parts of it and up close the colours are amazing, and I loved how it looked while I was working on it, but from a distance – like when wearing it – the magic is mysteriously gone…

Also, I realize now that I made a bit of a mistake when changing between the main and contrasting colours. I wasn’t generous enough when carrying the yarn between rows, so it has been pulled slightly out of shape… it’s kind of obvious when the shawl is laid out flat on the ground, but when it’s worn you’d really have to look for it to notice. Not a big deal, but still…

And then there’s the scratchiness issue. I already knew about that of course. I won’t be using Kauni yarn again.

Anyway, here’s a quick picture I took just now. It hasn’t been blocked, and I still have to weave the ends in etc.

Stripe Study Shawl

So, to sum it up: I really enjoyed working on this shawl, and taking part in the knitalong has been so much fun and made this project feel very special; big thanks to Crafts from the Cwtch and Misadventures in Craft! However, I don’t feel that the final result reflects the amount of love and time I’ve put into it :( It’s just not something I’d enjoy wearing.

I’ll give the shawl to my mum, if she wants it. I’m thinking maybe it would at least have some kind of sentimental value for her, or something. Hopefully it will soften up a bit after a wash etc.

Anyway, I still do love the pattern (mahtavaa — kiitos kauhesti, Veera Välimäki!) and if you read my previous knitalong post you might recall that I was fantasising about making a grey alpaca version. Well, I’m on a super tight budget so I can’t afford that kind of yarn for now… but I did find an incredibly cheap cotton mix yarn in exactly the colours I had in mind! Enough yarn to make another Stripe Study Shawl would cost me less than 6 EUR  (way too tempting to resist!). I’ll be casting on my second shawl very soon – yay! :)

Drops Loves You, grey yarn

Delish! Very soft and lovely lovely colours :) The picture above is a bit overexposed, both yarns are slightly darker than shown. Hmm, now… which one will be the main colour, which will be the contrasting colour..?

Finally, a warm and heartfelt thank you to all the other knitalong girls for being fantastic company, for encouraging me and being such great sources of inspiration through their comments, pictures, blog posts, enthusiasm and more. I had so much fun, and I’m very grateful for having had the amazing opportunity to share this experience with all of you..!

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