Vampire Book Group Tonight

Vampire Book Group

vampire book group tonight, can’t wait! we read ‘the immortal rules’ by julie kagawa as well. also, yay for magnetic bookmarks :)


Currently on the Needles

knit your love shawlette, wip

here’s what’s on my needles at the moment. the pattern is Knit Your Love by Martina Behm.

the yarn is a merino/nylon/stellina blend, handdyed by me in a semi-solid cherry red with fuchsia undertones — yum :)


More Socks for my Mum

Taivalkoski Socks #2

yet another pair of socks…


Currently Reading…

Chocolate & Ashes of Love

The Ashes of Love by Rupert Spira


Rocky Road Cookies, Again!

Vegan Rocky Road cookies

Vegan Rocky Road cookies

These are one of my absolute all-time favourite cookies to bake, and to eat :)

Vegan Rocky Roads, super yummy and totally irresistible! 4 kinds of chocolate + roasted almonds… crispy, chewy and perfectly gooey in the middle :)

My own twist to the original recipe is to replace the suggested oil with coconut oil, keep the almonds whole, and add a little bit of super strong coffee instead of almond extract.



What is ME, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis?

Be aware of invisibility

May 12th is International ME Awareness Day.

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) is a hugely incapacitating neuroimmune illness that affects virtually every bodily system.

Why is it so incredibly important to spread awareness of this particular illness? Continue reading to find out…

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Compliments of the Mystery

Compliments of the Mystery Self-Striping Yarn

Compliments of the Mystery

More self-striping hand-dyed sock yarn :) This one is a 3-striper: teal, purple and light gray, on a BFL/nylon high twist yarn base = my fave.


Currently Spinning…

Polwarth Baby Alpaca Spinning on Turkish Spindle

Polwarth & Baby Alpaca spinning

I’ve been working on this one since October. It’s been very very slow going so far, but I’m super delighted nevertheless :) Looking forward to plying it, and hopefully someday knitting a shawl out of the finished yarn :)

Fibre: 60% Polwarth, 40% Baby Alpaca in Trish colorway, from Picperfic.
Spindle from IST Crafts.


Being Human Stripey Socks

Housemates Socks (Redemptive Love)

Housemates Socks

This is the beginning of my Housemates Socks, knit out of a self-striping yarn I dyed in honour of the Being Human series finale. Very bittersweet, because I absolutely love that show to bits… I’m calling this colourway ‘Redemptive Love’, and if you watched the final episode, you’ll know why…

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Looking Forward To “By Blood We Live”

By Blood We Live by Glen Duncan

By Blood We Live by Glen Duncan

This is the novel I’m currently looking most forward to reading! By Blood We Live is the third part in Glen Duncan’s Bloodlines series. These books are very dark and gritty, not to mention quite vulgar, full of violence and gore. In other words, not at all my usual cup of tea. However, there’s something about Duncan’s writing that makes these books irresistible to me, I think they are absolutely brilliant!

What I enjoyed the most about The Last Werewolf, the first book in the series, was Duncan’s amazing prose, and in particular the mesmerisingly unique and unforgettable voice of the main character Jake Marlowe, a 200-year-old werewolf. Talulla Rising, the second book, has a different main character and a very different voice, and unfortunately the feminine perspective as it was written didn’t feel fully believable to me, so a part of me was slightly disappointed despite it being a great book as a whole.

Another aspect of Duncan’s writing that really stands out to me is a very deep sense of philosophy, of no-nonsense spirituality, in the very fabric of the story and the characters alike. (It was described as “existential dark fantasy” in a review I read some time ago.) It always brings the spirit of India to my mind, somehow… that underlying sense of that special something-something… can’t put my finger exactly on what or why, because it’s not about the words or the plot or the setting, but only between the lines somehow. I remember googling Duncan after finishing The Last Werewolf, because I was really intrigued, and apparently he actually has a strong connection to India. I also wanted to know when the sequel would be released (I was immensely impatient!), and I was curious to find out what else he had written so far. I did give a few of his earlier novels a try, but none of them captured me quite like The Last Werewolf did. I still haven’t finished Love Remains, mostly because it really deserves to be read when one is in the perfect mood for it, but I’ll definitely come back to it at some point.

I can totally see how Duncan’s writing keeps creating such strong feelings, both among the readers who enjoy it hugely and the ones who absolutely don’t. As for me, I can’t wait to read By Blood We Live! :)

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