Be Happy Love Life

Once upon a time there was a wonderful tv-show on Swedish television called Knesset. Every week a number of fantastic people on the panel would spend a certain part of the program showering love on a specific subject, person or event. No negative, mean comments or irony was allowed, only encouragement and positive, loving words. This is lovebombing.

Just like Yin and Yang, there is a little bit of light even in the deepest darkness. Lovebombing helps you remember this. Especially if you lovebomb something or someone that you otherwise would not think of as positive or likeable. It can be a helpful step towards letting go of judgments, attachments and labels, gently opening your mind and heart to what is.

I Lovebombing!

Life is beautiful and this world is a fascinating place. Lovebombing is not about pretending there are no so called “bad” things, or that horrible stuff never happens (there is and they do, of course). It’s just about focusing on the beautiful stuff.

Lovebombing is also metta, buddhist loving-kindness. A sincere wish for the welfare and happiness of all beings, and a powerful spiritual practice in itself.

It’s easy and it makes you feel good too. Try it yourself! And please let me know, I’d love to hear about your lovebombs. Feel free to leave a comment or email me on lovebombing (at)

These are the things I’ve been lovebombing lately >


P.S Remo (Chiyaan Vikram) throws a love bomb in the tamil film Anniyan, hehe…