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Vampire Book Group Tonight

Vampire Book Group

vampire book group tonight, can’t wait! we read ‘the immortal rules’ by julie kagawa as well. also, yay for magnetic bookmarks :)


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Chocolate & Ashes of Love

The Ashes of Love by Rupert Spira


Looking Forward To “By Blood We Live”

By Blood We Live by Glen Duncan

By Blood We Live by Glen Duncan

This is the novel I’m currently looking most forward to reading! By Blood We Live is the third part in Glen Duncan’s Bloodlines series. These books are very dark and gritty, not to mention quite vulgar, full of violence and gore. In other words, not at all my usual cup of tea. However, there’s something about Duncan’s writing that makes these books irresistible to me, I think they are absolutely brilliant!

What I enjoyed the most about The Last Werewolf, the first book in the series, was Duncan’s amazing prose, and in particular the mesmerisingly unique and unforgettable voice of the main character Jake Marlowe, a 200-year-old werewolf. Talulla Rising, the second book, has a different main character and a very different voice, and unfortunately the feminine perspective as it was written didn’t feel fully believable to me, so a part of me was slightly disappointed despite it being a great book as a whole.

Another aspect of Duncan’s writing that really stands out to me is a very deep sense of philosophy, of no-nonsense spirituality, in the very fabric of the story and the characters alike. (It was described as “existential dark fantasy” in a review I read some time ago.) It always brings the spirit of India to my mind, somehow… that underlying sense of that special something-something… can’t put my finger exactly on what or why, because it’s not about the words or the plot or the setting, but only between the lines somehow. I remember googling Duncan after finishing The Last Werewolf, because I was really intrigued, and apparently he actually has a strong connection to India. I also wanted to know when the sequel would be released (I was immensely impatient!), and I was curious to find out what else he had written so far. I did give a few of his earlier novels a try, but none of them captured me quite like The Last Werewolf did. I still haven’t finished Love Remains, mostly because it really deserves to be read when one is in the perfect mood for it, but I’ll definitely come back to it at some point.

I can totally see how Duncan’s writing keeps creating such strong feelings, both among the readers who enjoy it hugely and the ones who absolutely don’t. As for me, I can’t wait to read By Blood We Live! :)


Yarn Along #1

Cold Light // Pasha

I don’t have much to say at the moment. I’m sort of out of words, still bed/couchbound and running on extremely low gears because of the continuing health challenges.

Been spending lots and lots of time in quiet stillness, and also listening to Adyashanti‘s talks. In fact, I can’t really do anything else beyond that, without severly overdrawing my energy account… I gently keep trying, though; always hoping the situation will take a turn for the better one day.

Sometimes I do give in to the ever present eagerness, inspiration and longing to do something, even though I know there will be consequences. Lately, my sweet poison of choice have been knitting. The work in progress in the picture above is a hat, Pasha by Jane Richmond, in Debbie Bliss’ Andes (baby alpaca and mulberry silk yarn). I absolutely adore them both The picture unfortunately doesn’t do justice at all to the yarn; it’s the most gorgeous colour of moonlight, with a subtle shimmer and it’s as soft as a dream :)

The book I’m currently reading is Cold Light by Jenn Ashworth. I started it ten days ago, but I’m only on page 17 so far. My broken brain is making reading very very difficult, but I’m immensely grateful for every morsel.

Jenn Ashworth’s novel A Kind of Intimacy was my absolute favourite book among the ones I read last year, simply amazing! Or to quote my usually admirably eloquent soul sister: »It’s genius, but ooooooh I died!« Hehehe… Actually, it’s a story so well told and brilliantly written – not to mention a completely unforgettable protagonist – that I wouldn’t hesitate to list her as one of my top most favourite novelists, along with Maggie O’Farrell and Audrey Niffenegger. Yes, she’s that good! Do treat yourself; go buy her books, read them and enjoy :)

This post was inspired by Sarah (Crafts From The Cwtch), whose WIP Wednesdays/Yarn Along posts I really enjoy.



To Be Shoved Off the Roof

Boa, fuchsia

‘So I says to Fevvers: “Nothing to it, my dear, but your Liz must shove you off the roof.”‘

‘To me,’ said Fevvers, ‘it seemed that Lizzie, by proposing thus to thrust me into the free embrace of the whirling air, was arranging my marriage to the wind itself.’

She swung round on her piano stool and presented Walser with a face of such bridal radiance that he blinked.

‘Yes! I must be the bride of that wild, sightless, fleshless rover, or else could not exist, sir.

~ From Nights at the Circus, by Angela Carter


600 + 400 = Immense Gratitude

Imtiaz Ali, filmmaker extraordinaire ♥

Some years ago I started keeping notes of the books I read and the films I’ve watched.

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Odd Reads and Weird Encounters

The Swan Thieves

I’m glancing warily at the book sitting next to me on the sofa. It looks perfectly innocent. Ordinary, even. There’s no magical shimmer, no strange smell, no other signs suggesting a curse of any kind. And yet…

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Dharma Cookies and Manga

Buddha Cookies, photo by Kazue

These have to be the cutest dharma cookies I’ve ever seen! The photo above comes from a post on the lovely Japanese blog Kazue Bits, where Kazue writes:

My friend gave me these cookies printed with art from Osamu Tezuka’s Buddha series. I wondered if when I ate them I’d become enlightened. Anyway they tasted good and the printed colors were so beautiful.

Sweet and adorable! I’m not familiar with manga at all, but reading about Tezuka’s books has really made me curious now :)



Cruelty Prefers Abstraction

Jersey cow sniffing at a camera in the sun

What do you see?

»Having little exposure to animals makes it much easier to push aside questions about how our actions might influence their treatment. The problem posed by meat has become an abstract one: there is no individual animal, no singular look of joy or suffering, no wagging tail, and no scream. The philosopher Elaine Scarry has observed that ‘beauty always takes place in the particular.’ Cruelty, on the other hand, prefers abstraction.«

~ Jonathan Safran Foer, Eating Animals


Never the Wrong Alice

Alice and the rabbit hole

Alice at the rabbit hole

How can I be the wrong Alice when this is my dream?

~ Alice in Wonderland

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