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New-To-Me: Support Spindling

Cherry Merry supported spindle

Mirkwood Arts Cherry Merry spindle & ceramic bowl from Willow Tree Pottery

New-to-me: spinning on a supported spindle :) It’s a lot of fun, and easier than I imagined. A bit hard on the body, though… hopefully I’ll learn better ergonomics with practice.

The placement of the cop might look a bit strange, and it possibly is… I wasn’t sure where to put it, because it would be nice to be able to simply slide the cop off when it’s finished, instead of having to wind it off. Had I put it lower down I don’t think sliding would be possible, seeing how the spindle is shaped. Hmm… will have a look at how others wind their cops on similarly shaped spindles.

The spindle is a Cherry Merry from Mirkwood Arts, and the fibre is superwashed Merino from All the Pretty Fibers. Ceramic spinning bowl from Willow Tree Pottery.


Currently Sewing…

Sewing project

Folding and stitching :)

I’m working on a simple drawstring bag with boxed bottom.
This cotton fabric is lovely, and the colours are making me very happy :)


When a Wave Comes, Go Deep

Photo by Patrice Natalini

Photo by Patrice Natalini

“If you could give one piece of advice to a large group of people, what would it be?”
“When a wave comes, go deep.”

“I think I’m going to need an explanation for that one.”
“There’s three things you can do when life sends a wave at you. You can run from it, but then it’s going to catch up and knock you down. You can also fall back on your ego and try to stand your ground, but then it’s still going to clobber you. Or you can use it as an opportunity to go deep, and transform yourself to match the circumstances. And that’s how you get through the wave.”

Reblogged from Humans of New York

Purple + Teal

Purple + Teal

Purple + Teal

I was knitting on a shawl, but I ran out of yarn before it was finished… One of the options I considered was to do the bind off in a different colour. In the end I chose a different solution, but I still think these two colours look amazing together :)


Knits, Purls and Twists of 2013

Handspun yarn: Malabrigo Nube Cereza

New-to-me in 2013: spindle spinning :)

In my post Knits and Purls of 2012 from around this time last year I wrote a 2012 knitting retrospective of sorts, with lists of things that I had tried or learnt. I’m really happy I did, because it was so much fun going back and reading that post today :)

The following post is for my future self, who hopefully will be equally happy reading this in a year or two..!

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