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The Colour of Storm Clouds

Hand dyed yarn in semi solid charcoal

Semi solid charcoal

Here’s some more yarn, hand dyed by yours truly! I’m super happy :)

It’s my absolute favourite yarn base ever: 4ply, 400m/100g; 70% baby alpaca, 20% silk, 10% cashmere. Amazingly delicious and kitten-belly-soft :)

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Happy Jar!

Happy Jar with origami lucky stars

Happy Jar with origami lucky stars :)

Many many moons ago a Japanese girl I used to know taught me how to fold origami paper lucky stars, and I absolutely fell in love with them :)

A while back I came across a fun idea: someone had posted a picture of their ‘happy jar’, a glass jar where they would keep their happy moments, memories and affirmations in the form of notes scribbled on random scraps of paper. I loved that!

So, I decided to get myself a happy jar too, combining the two ideas :) Inside each folded star I’ve written down something that brightened my day, something that makes me feel happy. I only started this one a few days ago (at the summer solstice!), so there is still room for many many more stars of happiness..! :)

New Year Origami StarsI made a slightly similar project a couple of years ago, when I spent a new year’s eve making garlands of another kind of origami stars, bigger ones. I still have those garlands, they’re hanging on my bookshelf :) There are 12 stars on each string, and each star holds a heartfelt wish (a written word) for the year ahead. I made one garland each for my parents as well, it’s one of my most favourite new year’s magic projects ever :)

I really like this origami model. For the new year ones I cut out squares from old Cap & Design magazines, but I’ve made some stars out of pages from old books too, and some as a meditation practice from paper printed with excerpts from my favourite sacred sanskrit texts. The possibilities are endless!

If you’re feeling inspired to make some for yourself you’ll find the instructions here at Dolce Bellezza’s blog, or you could download them here: part 1, part 2, part 3.


Dragons of Midsummer Magic

Origami Dragons

Origami dragons

Today is summer solstice, and it feels like an auspicious day to start my new project!

I’m sure you’ve heard of senbazuru, the Japanese tradition of folding one thousand origami paper cranes. Legend has it that if you fold them all within a year, your most heartfelt wish will come true. Some believe that one will also be blessed with eternal good luck. My life situation is sadly still immensely challenging on many levels and I could really use a miracle or a few right now, so why not give it a go :)

…but not without a wee twist! If one is going to spend a whole year on something, it had better be something that one really loves, and since the only crane I adore is Noel Crane… ;) ehrmm… anyway, I’ve decided to make origami dragons instead of cranes.

ॐ गम गणपतये नमः


Stripey Snuggly Sofa Socks

Divani Design Snuggly Sofa Socks

Snuggly sofa socks

My stripey socks are finished, and I’m super happy :)

Noro Silk Garden in colours 282 and 326, and the pattern is my own design.


This Week I Am…

Stripey Noro Socks

Stripey Noro socks

This week I am:

knitting away on my stripey Noro socks, they only need to have the ends woven in now and then they are done (yay!);

experimenting with a new kind of protein & superfood shake (SunWarrior protein powder, Udo’s Choice OptiGreen, almond milk, rose-hip, cacao, Renée Voltaire Smoothie Mix, dates, maca and Udo’s Choice);

watching Smallville, season 6;

sleeping, so much;

crushing on Ewan McGregor (as always..!);

reading The Autistic Brain by Temple Grandin, which has some really interesting bits about brain damage, mitochondria, neurological issues and sensory oversensitivity etc, that are very relevant to ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis) as well;

listening to To Live The Truth by Adyashanti;

sorely missing the people I used to think were my friends, fiercely wishing they still wanted to have me in their lives despite the limitations the illness is putting on my social life, and the fact that we aren’t able to meet in person for now, hotly wishing they loved reading and writing emails and/or text messages so we could still stay in touch and connect even though I’m not always able to reply;

feeling grateful, immensely so, for the few friends who are still keeping in touch;

looking forward to having a new toilet bowl installed next week (massive thanks to my kind, generous parents!), because the flushing mechanism in my current one has been broken for several years now;

celebrating that I won a gorgeous necklace by Peggy Li in a giveaway on the web earlier this week (I’m super excited and very, very happy!);

daydreaming of midnight skinny-dipping in glassy, velvety forest lakes, under the midnight sun;

golluming over a new skein of The Knitting Goddess Sparklynne Laceweight in Raspberry, fantasising about possible designs to knit;

contemplating boundlessness in the context of “maya stays, illusion goes”, and the freedom in being able to move freely between all perspectives – neither resisting the states that appear to be more contracted or limited, nor grasping at the more spacious ones.


I really enjoy writing these posts :) Since I’m spending every day stuck here on my sofa, the weeks and months seem to have a tendency to sort of blur together, creating an illusion of sameness. Simply making these little notes has been helpful in highlighting a slightly different perspective on things, reaffirming that although I spend most of my time simply resting, doing absolutely nothing, the moments in between are actually filled with plenty of wonderful, diverse and manifold things :)