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Odd Reads and Weird Encounters

The Swan Thieves

I’m glancing warily at the book sitting next to me on the sofa. It looks perfectly innocent. Ordinary, even. There’s no magical shimmer, no strange smell, no other signs suggesting a curse of any kind. And yet…

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Project Nutritional Supplements Updated

Blue pills

I started Project Nutritional Supplements a few weeks ago.

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Experience Knows Itself

Rupert Spira

“We do not experience a world. We experience experience. But experience is not known by someone or something apart from or other than itself. In other words, experiencing knows itself. Experiencing experiences experience. Experience not only is itself and knows itself but also loves itself, for there is no room in experiencing for an other. Being, knowing and loving….all is that and that is you.”

~ Rupert Spira


Project Nutritional Supplements


This is my new project, aimed to try and improve my poor health. I’m curious to find out if nutritional supplements can help change the currently frail state of my body and mind. Feel free to wish me luck :)

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You’re Much More…


Mooji ♥

“You’re much more a lovestory than you think…”

~ Mooji