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Dharma! Is Good!

Cookie monster: Dharma is good

the dharma is good


Nirvana is Right Here

Nirvana isn't on the "other side"...



Pho Chay (Vietnamese Soup)

Mui Ne, Vietnam

This one is for Kellie! :)

Pho chay is my favourite comfort food at the moment. I first discovered it when I was travelling through Vietnam, a few years ago. It was incredibly difficult to find vegetarian food, but this was one of the few dishes that I remember having and loving. It tastes fantastic and is easy to make.

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The Eternal Moment

Twilight kiss, Bell & Edward

A wonderful moment of clarity happened yesterday, while I was rewatching the film Twilight…

The knowing of it was there already, and yet the realisation itself came like a flash of light, and with a curious sense of freshness. I can still sense it, almost like a fragrance lingering… much too subtle to grasp, yet undeniably there… Here’s what was seen:

Even just one single moment of true love is eternal love.

This very moment is for ever.

The past and the future only exist in the present.

Now and forever, same same.

Simply One.


Vegan Cherry Pie!

Cherry pie

Cherry pie!

This is a bonus dessert that I made from what was left of the crumb and topping from the other desserts I made the day before.

Nutty and slightly salty crust (almonds, pecans, dates), cherry jam and Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s Rad Whip (cashew, coconut, vanilla and more) on top.

Unexpectedly yummy :)


A Take on Vegan Tiramisù

Vegan tiramisù

A bit ugly-looking, but oh so delish..! :)

This is my take on vegan tiramisù, and I’ll willingly confess that it’s the most delicious vegan tiramisù I’ve ever had. Possibly the most most gorgeous tiramisù of them all, actually… Enjoy :)

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Vegan Matcha Cake

Elephant matcha cake

Matcha (Japanese green tea) cake

This is a little something I made the other day :)

I absolutely love matcha (Japanese green tea), and ever since I came across Raspberri Cupcakes‘ blog post on Green Tea Cheesecake Bites the idea has been sitting there in the back of my mind, just waiting to take form…

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A Straight Line

Radha Krishna

True love is a straight line between two non existent points.

~ Shekhar Kapur


My Existence is from You

Art by Omkali

My existence is from you and your appearance is through me.
Yet if I had not appeared, you would not have been.

~ Muhiy-din Ibn ‘Arabi


The Soul is Anew

David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz

One of the elements that I love the most about the fantastic tv series Bones is the character Seeley Booth, played by David Boreanaz. I absolutely adore him, and I thoroughly enjoy watching his story unfold. Booth is definitely one of my all time favourite fictional characters, but that’s a story for another day.

For now, I’ll just post this little poem; two lines that actually took my breath away when I first read them. This poem was written by the man who keeps giving himself up day after day for Booth, allowing him to take form for us on-screen. Written by David, for his wife Jamie Bergman. I’m awed.

The Soul is anew this night drawn near to the sound of your heart…together We are One my Jaime

~ David Boreanaz

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