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New Magazine about Indian Cinema

A new online magazine about Indian cinema was released just a couple of days ago, in Swedish. It covers both Hindi films/Bollywood, Tamil films/Kollywood and Telugu films/Tollywood. Do have a look!

En helt ny webbtidning om indiska filmer och Bollywood hade release för några dagar sedan! Jippie! :)


Happy Holi!

Holi hai! :)

Happy Holi everyone! What a beautiful day for turning within, forgetting yourself and dipping into the delicious inherent ecstasy and playfulness, the inner intoxication swirling in and out of that which we are :) Let the vibrant colours of life and love fill your heart with joy and warmth – have fun & enjoy, always!


The Collapse of the Witnessing Position


Adya ♥

This is a partial transcript from one of Adyashanti’s talks about the falling away of the position of the external witness. This resonates very much with my experience…

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Happy Maha Shivaratri!


om namah shivaya

It’s been a quiet, lovely Maha Shivratri lasting for several days now. Silent sittings, live satsang online with Adya, re-reading selected parts from some of my favourite spiritual books, fasting, watching clouds of sugandhi sambrani fill the room, and staying awake all night while sipping chai and listening to mantras and music that gently expands the heart…

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