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If Vivek were a Cookie…

Vivek Oberoi + Vegan Rocky Road Cookie

Vivek + cookie = ?

If Vivek Oberoi were a cookie, I think this just might be the one! Irresistible, chocolatey deliciousness that guarantees a deep and lingering sense of satisfaction… making you feel yummy inside ;)

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Serenity Said to Me…

Baby Shiva

om namah shivaya

Serenity said to me, ‘If you really want to dream, be fully awake! Between sweet dreams and sweet awakenings, let life unfold so that only Love remains.’


Can the Seer Be Seen?


Mooji ♥

can the seer be seen?

the question is an open question. it’s an invitation to find out. this question cannot be answered. it has to be that when you follow through with this question it leads to some kind of revelation or something. I call this type of question a piranha question. my piranha question, I say, because it eats up the questioner.

so, this question is not answered by an answer, must be experience. but whose experience? find out!

sometimes i say the one who starts the enquiry will not finish the enquiry, but will be finished by the enquiry. especially at such a stage of enquiry. it is not an intellectual game. it is the key to the end of suffering. end of confusion. even the identity of a meditator will not survive. even the gods extinguish themselves with this question. so if there’s contradiction it must be something in the intellect. something is thinking rather than entering.

i feel still somehow we are keeping ourselves outside of this question. you send your intellect to go and look. ‘intellect, go. find out.’ and it looks, comes back with a report. ‘it’s nothing.’ then you say, ‘yeah, nothing is there’… [chuckles]

~ Mooji (excerpt from satsang in Tiruvannamalai Jan 19, 2011)



Shiva Moon

Shiva moon

outward muchness

inner no·thingness

what a transparent secret!

…but for whom?



Shiva Moon

Shivas måne

utåt sett myckenhet

inuti ingen·ting

vilken själv·klar hemlighet!

…men för vem?