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Chocolate Love Cake

Double chocolate cake with raspberries

Fudgy brownie, Kahlúa laced mousse and raspberries...

So, here’s a wee bit of naughty nirvana that I conjured up the other day! Pure indulgence… It’s a rich and fudgy brownie with lightly toasted pecans, covered with luscious Kahlúa laced chocolate mousse… and juicy raspberries on top :) Very very chocolatey, and not too sweet thanks to the bittersweetness of the dark high-quality chocolate. Absolutely delish!

Fancy some..? ;)

Recipe below, enjoy!

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A Whirling Speck of Stardust

Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights. Photo by P-M Hedén

Northern lights (aurora borealis)

in your presence, love
i’m nothing but a
whirling speck of stardust
intoxicated and untamed

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Love Pulls the Rug Out



love pulls the rug out
from under these feet
smiling, watching the fall

through a cloud of misconceptions
that once felt so real,
were under rug swept…

seemingly falling free
or rising to the surface;
disorientation laced with clarity

stillness always was the movement
gently drifting heart-wards
across the distance of a thought


Never the Wrong Alice

Alice and the rabbit hole

Alice at the rabbit hole

How can I be the wrong Alice when this is my dream?

~ Alice in Wonderland


See the World


Mooji ♥ (photo by Lars Raaj Jones)

See the world through Ramana’s eyes,
Shiva’s Heart, and Krishna’s Love.

~ Mooji


In the wave-strike


brightness bursts...

In the wave-strike over unquiet stones
the brightness bursts and bears the rose
and the ring of water contracts to a cluster
to one drop of azure brine that falls.
O magnolia radiance breaking in spume,
magnetic voyager whose death flowers
and returns, eternal, to being and nothingness:
shattered brine, dazzling leap of the ocean.
Merged, you and I, my love, seal the silence
while the sea destroys its continual forms,
collapses its turrets of wildness and whiteness,
because in the weft of those unseen garments
of headlong water, and perpetual sand,
we bear the sole, relentless tenderness.

~ Pablo Neruda


My Fancies are Fireflies

Firefly dreams (photo by inspiredreamcreate on Flickr)

Firefly dreams (photo by inspire*dream*create on Flickr)

My fancies are fireflies, —
Specks of living light
twinkling in the dark.

~ Rabindranath Tagore


Honour the Truth

Mooji (photo by Lars Raaj Jones)

Mooji (photo by Lars Raaj Jones)

‘I don’t know’ is a fine state to be in. You are still busy working on your body-mind attachments. I would like you to leave all that behind. There is no end to that pruning, pull it up at the root.

How? By staying as Awareness only. Stay as the Highest. Honour the Truth in yourself. This body was given to you so that you could discover your true nature, the Origin of all, the one unborn Self. To inquire, relentlessly contemplate and strive until you are fully free from the slimy quicksand of the ego-ridden mind. For this single purpose you have appeared into manifestation: to solve yourself by dissolving the you which is the non-self, and thereafter to effortlessly celebrate your discovery as Peace, Love, Light and Joy.

~ Mooji-ji


The Restoration of True Perception

Oh no... Not you again!

My god, that's a beautiful mat!

I’m like one of them welcome mats that you have in your doorway. The idea of a welcome mat is that you step on it and you step over it and you go in the door. Wouldn’t it be silly if a neighbor came over and looked at the mat and said »My god, that’s a beautiful mat!« dropped to their knees and worshipped it for the rest of their lives? »This mat, this mat will take me in to the house, I’m sure!« Hehehe… »I know this mat will take me into the house; if I just love it enough, beg it enough or worship it enough or think it’s the best mat – better than all other welcome mats.« Meanwhile it’s at the doorway, right? The house is right there, you can walk in anytime you want. But no no no no no… I’ll worship The Mat. Hehe…

So, remember that the idea is receive the welcoming, that’s what the teaching is. It’s the welcoming. It’s like… go in this direction, look… this is the restoration of true perception, which is awakening. But it’s the true perception that is important. It’s realizing what we actually are.

~ Adyashanti


Storytime with Bips

Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu

I enjoy Twitter a lot, especially because it makes it so easy to keep in touch with many of my favourite people in the Indian film industry as well as other film(i) enthusiasts :)

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