Stillness is…


»stillness is not the absence of thought.
stillness is prior to both the absence and the presence.
it cannot be created, but it can be found.«

~ wu hsin


Luminous Beings Are We





This Week I Am…

Fisher Space Pen Bullet Fuchsia Flurry

Fisher Space Pen Bullet Fuchsia Flurry

This week I am…

golluming over my new pen, a Fisher Space Pen (it can write at any angle, even upside down = perfect for writing while lying down!);

drinking homemade carrot juice with chlorella, wheatgrass, lime and ginger;

reading and enjoying The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black;

watching the very last season of the absolutely brilliant tv-series White Collar (love Love LOVE! ) and crushing on Neal Caffrey (obvs!);

drawing polar bears;

wearing starry night sky-coloured nail polish, and rosewood mala bracelets;

feeling immensely grateful for the new sense of relief and freedom in my life, since the court ruled in my favour a couple of months back (HURRAH!!);

sewing saddle-stitched inserts out of black drawing paper (and bright cyan coloured thread!) for my Traveler’s Journal, to doodle in with gel pens.


What about you?


5 Things

Moomin paper clip

5 things that are making me feel very happy right now:

» White Collar (tv-series)
» Nag Champa incense sticks
» Payne’s Gray (colour)
» Space/galaxy patterned washi tape
» Moomin paper clips



Currently on the Needles…

Wisteria Scarf, Malabrigo Rasta

Wisteria Scarf (modified), in Malabrigo Rasta


That Strange Happiness…

that strange happiness

that strange happiness…

This is a page in my art journal. I’ve never shared anything from the journal before, so this is a first. Only for you, Maggie.

I hear you’re not particularly fond of stick figures… ;) Well, this was the next best thing; it’s not for lack of trying.

I’m very much a beginner at this. Everything about painting and lettering is new-to-me, and I’m learning as I go. Here I was experimenting with acrylic paint & acrylic paint pens. It doesn’t feel finished at all to me, but I ran out of time…


Yet Another Pair of Socks

7 Veljestä Socks

Snuggly sofa socks for mum


Vampire Book Group Tonight

Vampire Book Group

vampire book group tonight, can’t wait! we read ‘the immortal rules’ by julie kagawa as well. also, yay for magnetic bookmarks :)


Currently on the Needles

knit your love shawlette, wip

here’s what’s on my needles at the moment. the pattern is Knit Your Love by Martina Behm.

the yarn is a merino/nylon/stellina blend, handdyed by me in a semi-solid cherry red with fuchsia undertones — yum :)


More Socks for my Mum

Taivalkoski Socks #2

yet another pair of socks…

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